Basically, every one sees all the public messages on a given server. There is no mechanism to follow specific people or ever to filter the stream by those usernames. Archaic, I know, But I’m writing my chat application, not Twitter.

There are Direct Messages that can be directed to a specific user. Because the server issues callbacks for DM’s, they appear almost instantly in the users stream.

You can send files to specific users as well. These files are stored on the server when you sent them. The server will issue a call back to the user and the file will be sent to them when the client responds to that callback. You can also forward a file you have received to another user. Files are private only by implication. They are able to be accessed by whoever is informed of the files existence.

All of the above messages are persisted on the server. However, forwarding messages is not persisted in any shape or form.

Also, you can set status. This status is visible only when you are logged in. In fact, your username is only visible to others when you are logged in.

It should be noted that you have to use the Server Options panel to add and remove users.

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